Column NameTypeMax LengthColumn DescriptionDefault ValueAllow NullRead Only
ClauseFromString2147483647The list of tables joined in this segmentX
ClauseOrderByString2147483647The order in which results of the segment will be presented in repeater groupsX
ClauseSelectString2147483647Additional columns that will be displayed forst tests in the UIX
DescriptionString90Description of the SegmentX
ListString60Account the segment is attached toX
NameString60Name of the Segment
SegmentTypeString20Normal, Triggered, or CategoryX
SegmentIDInt32Internal segment IDX
CreatedDateTimeWhen it was createdX
ModifiedDateTimeWhen was the segment last modifiedX
LastUsedDateTimeWhen was the segment last usedX
DirectoryIDInt32Internal directory IDX
LastUsedRecipientCountInt32Last amount of recipient when previously usedX