Data Tables

Methods that accept a table of records can partially succeed and return errors on only certain rows in an additional property named "_errors". This property contains a map of the problematic fields and their associated error messages.

Example JSON payload

		"_errors": {
			"EmailAddress": "Value is invalid."
		"EmailAddress": "invalidaddress"
		"EmailAddress": "",
		"MemberID": 1234567
In this example the first contact record failed to be added due to an invalid EmailAddress. Processing continued, and the second record was added successfully.

Example column specific errors

"EmailAddress": "Value is invalid."
"EmailAddress": "EmailAddress does not exist for this list."
"EmailAddress": "Email address must be unique within a list."
"EmailAddress": "Email address is banned from this list, site or database."
"TrackingAuthorization": "You can only change a member's tracking authorization preference from 'Allowed' (True) to 'Not Allowed' (False)."		
"MemberType": "You can only change a member's status from 'held', 'unsub', or 'confirm' to 'needs-confirm'."

Example column type specific errors

"UserDate1": "The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. {Detailed Explanation}",
"Number1": "Input string was not in a correct format. Couldn't store <{Value}> in {Column Name} Column.  Expected type is Int32.",
"Text1": "Value violates the MaxLength limit of this column ({Maximum Length})."
"AddressState": "Picklist value is invalid."